Monday, August 18, 2008

Just a quick update! The storm is wobbling and at this point will come ashore just before the Tampa Bay Area.....but as we all know that can change by the next update! Our power goes out frequently with any windy storm, but Praise the Lord! At this point it doesn't look like it will come up the bay which could/would be devastating for our communities.

Now why I'm really back on! I like when bloggy friends comment! Thank you! I get too excited...... Here is the what Nestor thought was purple polka dots on green walls. My camera has run out of batteries! So I guess I won't show my headboard and bedroom drapes made out of blue and light coffee colored table clothes...... I need to budget in batteries this month!

This room was/ still is the Lady Bug Princess Room. There are 4 big Ladies around the room and there used to be a gauzy canopy with purple tulle and crystals hanging from it when one of the older chicks had it. The new occupants prefer shabby so the Ladies will be leaving if the house doesn't sell.......
Thanks for the comments!
Hurricane Par-tay?
No! A mistreatment party at Nestor's Place! Truth be known I'm getting ready for the storm...but I thought I would take really quick moment to throw up some pics. Okay, don't actually get a tummy ache when you see them. They are not me best work and my computer is having some serious problems! These are before I knew it was okay not to do it the "proper way". They are all lined. Even my long ones in other rooms are. I'll not be doing that again! I did, however use spray paint and necklaces! That has to count for something????

Here's a bit of the schoolroom.

Here's the kitchen. I used spray paint for the clippys. The walls are actually cream and the color of the treatment is waayy off! It's got green, cream, red and blue in it.

Here's the little chicks room. I made hooky- do's out of necklaces.

So that's it. All dollar fabric and clearance rods.

I gotta go gas up and re- arrange the deep freeze in case the powers out over the next couple of days. Seriously, if you live on the Gulf Coast, be prepared! I hate doing it, but I've been in areas hardest hit after a storm and it's horrific! So get some water and non- perishables, clean your bath tubs, get your flash lights, and all your in important papers. Seek a shelter if your in doubt about your own homes safety. Just be prepared as much as you can be. But don't FREAK OUT! The Lord knows what each of His children needs.

The chicks were thinking they might not have school.....oh the treachery of homeschool. Never a break! HAHA!

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Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Very nice treatments!
Stay safe from Fay!

The Nester said...

did i just see green walls with purple polka dots? will you be my mommy? I LOVE IT ALL!

be safe!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Great colors in your daughter's room--I bet she just loves it!

~ Sarah

Mimi Sue said...

Such a cute blog. My three daughters are grown up and giving us the cutest granddaughters now. Hope all goes well with that crazy weather you're having! Mimi Sue

My Crafty Little Page said...

I think you definitely qualify by using necklaces! I adore the ladybug room. Good luck with Fay - she looks meaner than that French hurricane Edouardo that was so wimpy and didn't bring us a DROP of rain here in Austin! I've actually been through a category 5 - Beulah years ago. So as the weatherman says - hunker down! Stay safe. Hugs, Nancy

Bonita said...

Such pretty mistreatments! Praying for your safety.

Connie said...

Lovin' the ladybug. Gals ya'll seek shelter. I'll be posted on the weather for you.

Katie Bozeman Sims said...

Those are so pretty! I really love the purple and green together!

erin said...

LOVE the kitchen window mistreatments!!!