Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One of My Favorite Things!

Hey it's Works for Me Wednesday @ Rocks in My Dryer (check my side bar)!Helloooo. How is everyone this fine morning? I wanted to share a "new family secret" we made. It's calendula cream. It's good for what ails ya! Okay, not everything but certainly a lot of things...
Any sort of bite or sting, heat or diaper rash, burns, and a great moisturizer!

One of our chick's decided to plant it in her garden last fall. We harvest the leaves and flowers from the plant, then stew them down for a couple of days in organic coconut oil. Add a little beeswax and a pretty can. Wallah! A wonderful cream for itchy skin. We keep ours in the fridge to preserve the life of the product. It usually last between 8 months and a year. It feels great going on. I've even used it in place of deodorant for a couple of days due to very dry skin. (I've tried all the "odorent" but they all tend to make me itchy after awhile- even the homemade baking soda kind)
Sorry, the pics a bit fuzzy. But isn't the color pretty? It also makes a great gift for a new mom.

You can also use the calendula flowers for tea. These are herbs and should be used in moderation if your going to give it a whirl. Please don't drink the tea or use the cream more than 2 weeks consecutively. They are one of many natural medicines and really should be treated as such.

In other news: We've decided to keep our house on the market. Unless your buying a foreclosure the market is pretty tough here! But we're not willing to give up just yet. Thanks Barefootmama for your post the other day. We also got a call from our realtor with someone who maybe interested. Patience and Perseverance. Letting God be the Lord of our lives and reminding ourselves daily that He has it all under control. Seems oooh so simple until your in the mix! Anyway, I really thought (6 months ago) our house would sell quickly. It's new, well priced, and pretty nice if I do say so myself.... So that was hard to get over.

We have decided that we are still putting in our garden and tomorrow I hope to pop up a "mistreatment" I did in the laundry room.

Have a great day!


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Krista said...

Thanks for commenting! Hope you enjoy(ed) the blueberry cake--ours is already gone! Not too sure about the weather; we've only been here a little less than a year & last yr end of Sept/beg of Oct it was in the 90s (although the locals said that was very unusual). I think it's mostly pretty mild, and this August has just been a fluke--it was hotter in May than August! I'm so thankful since I'm 35 wks pregnant. TN weather is so pleasant to me after moving from Chicago area!