Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fay, Fay Go Away!

Okay, sad title I know. Thanks to all who have kept us in prayer. The storm came in way below our area as a Tropical Storm, instead of a Hurricane. So that is wonderful for the folks where it did come ashore. Our county still had to shut down so no one (including myself) is up for school. Superman is even home! So I'm way off schedule. I do hope to get a couple of things in.

I REALLY enjoyed Nestor's Mistreatment Par-tay yesterday! I saw so many wonderful things ! I can't wait to try some out. You ladies out there in Blogland are SUPER talented.

On preparing for a storm: It really messes up my schedule and puts us behind in our school work. I always try to remind myself it is better to be prepared than not!
-The chickadees love it because they all hope for the power to go out! Not the oldest anymore-she's come to her senses. Who wants to swelter in 90 degree temps and upper 70's to low 80's at night with the windows closed? I'm not a wimp! It's a HUMIDTY thing!
- A good thing! I tend to put off some deeping cleaning of the freezers. Well, now there ready for another year (did I say that) I mean six months!
-I really spent extra time on the purchases I needed to make this year. We eat healthy regualarly but tend to buy junk for storms. Not this time I bought all items that can eaten without guilt once the season over. Lots of trail mix!
-I was even so organized in the food area that I was making out schedules of meals to eat without power! (We've done 4 and 3 days at time without power when we had a 10 day old chickie, a bad c-section, and toddlers and preschoolers getting cabin fever.)** This is one of the main reasons I prepare. It keeps my family peaceful.

Have a great day!

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Victoria said...

Glad Fay has eased up on you so far! We have serious drainage problems around our house in GA so we are hoping it won't get up our way and park over us!