Friday, August 8, 2008

Frugal Friday

Hi All! Happy Friday. The end of a crazy, but good school week. Our main computer is having trouble so I can't put up any pictures...bummer...

Some great frugal highlights (okay to me they are):

-Taking the teen Financial Peace with our teens - It really has given me a push to keep going and is it more intense than the adult version!

-Use leftover anything, ie. birthday plates! We used some for serving dishes (from Valentines day ) for our littlest chicks birthday this past weekend. (One mom commented on how cute they were!)

-Don't throw out if it seems cheap enough to rebuy. Those items add up!
This week I found a chip in my pyrex measuring cup (it's my old friend...). Superman being the clever man that he is, took my baby down stairs and filed her with a metal file until she was nice and smooth. What would a baker be with out her! (Actually I'm a dab here, a handful there kind of girl.)
Now, I also want to make a disclaimer!!!! Make sure it's really smooth (no chips, cracks,etc) and won't hurt any of your brood! When it DOUBT DO THROW IT OUT!

- If your into eating lot of veggies find a produce co-op, community garden, or 4-H to get involved in. Your Local Extension Service is there to help you with all your needs and cheer you on. We live in a very sandy area, 7 minutes to the nearest beach; so there has been a HUGE
learning curve in gardening for us!

-Don't buy it on clearance or at a rock bottom price if you can't use it within the next 6 months! Have I had to remind myself of this one!!! How many pairs of $1.98 shoes can one child wear??? The Lord has REALLY BEEN REMINDING me that HE is in charge and will take care of us. I don't have to buy shoes for little Jimmy 3 sizes to big. HE will bring other blessings my way when they are needed and sometimes just wanted.

Not to original, but a good reminder. For more Frugal Friday tips click on Biblicalwomanhood in my side bar. Have a great day!


Schilinski Clan said...

Helllooooo... had fun reading some of your blogs, I'll make sure I keep up on it now that I have it in my bookmarks :D. I did send you a couple of emails, not sure if you got them or not. We actually do have Jonah (was a prophet, oh oh). Great movie! I think we have most of them up to Gideon.. not sure what has come out after that... not to long and Jude will be enjoying them too! Love you guys!

Schilinski Clan said...

Hey Sarah, we actually have none of those, I know the boys would love them (us too:). Love you and see you soon <><

shekinahhvac said...

hello. I have been researching notebooking, tell me what you are gonna do for notebooking?

I am only homeschooling the 2 older girls, I feel comfortable with the two younger ones going to our country school.

I have been setting up the homeschooling room for the girls. I can't believe how many clothes my girls own. I have been cleaning out everything.

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