Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Taste of Fall

Look what's cookin'! I know. I know. But it's over cast here with sporadic down pours! It just felt like a stew day. The temp is in the 80's; but hey, that's why we have A/C! Do you know that I don't think I've ever made stew in my whole married life?! Somewhere back in my memory I recall flouring the meat, but that could have been BEFORE marriage. Truly I've stayed away from it because A) I'm a raw veggie girl and B) I never liked all the tomato sauce and sweetness...

Now, I realize I've been using the Internet for over a decade; but it never dawned on me to hunt down a new recipe! Well I didn't use the computer. No, No! I just gave that old gray matter a kick start and came up with my own recipe. Something I thought Superman and the chickadees could handle.

Here it is:

1 large onion- chopped and sauteed
4 stalks of celery- chopped and sauteed
1 cup chopped carrots (apx.)
5 to 6 LARGE Roma tomatoes- very ripe and chopped small (we got about 20lbs. from veg coop)
Any other veggies you like!
3/4 lb. stew beef or steak- cut into small cubes (mine was a steak I had cut from a roast when
they were on sale)
potatoes as many as you like- cut to a bit larger than bite size
32oz beef broth
olive oil for sauteing and frying
salt and pepper to taste
garlic to taste
a dash of nutmeg
flour to cover meat

So get your oil HOT throw in onion, celery and carrots. Saute till soft (except carrots). Take out and place on side. Flour meat pieces and place in pan, add oil (if needed). Where just trying to brown all the sides. Take out and place in bowl with veggies. Pour a cup or so of broth into pan to pull up drippings from the bottom and make a gravy. Yummy! Add rest of broth and tomatoes and bring just to a boil. Turn to low. Add meat and veggies. Stir and cover. Come back and hour or so later and add potatoes. Let cook for another hour or so on low. Add a little more flour to water if you desire a thicker gravy. Whole wheat pastry flour works great.

Serve with whole wheat biscuits. I can't wait!

I'm really trying to get us eating cooked veg a bit more. I've really enjoyed the new variety we are getting and having a chance to play with old recipes! I encourage you all to give it a try!

Time to get back to that Craft Room. HeeHeeHee...

Does anyone have a favorite soup or stew recipe they would like to share?

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Tracy Kopcik said...

Hey Julie, I was hoping that maybe you could pass on the information for your Veggie Co-op. We would really appreciate it! Thanks, Tracy