Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Craft Room

Well my oldest chickadee is having a meltdown over what she is going to do with her life until she marries and becomes a mother, while my youngest is mourning the lost of her first gold friend named Dori. Life is never boring around here.
We are still working on getting back into our schedule. I really like the bulk of my teaching to be over with by noon, but we've been an hour late starting each day this week. We are also praying with a new price reduction that our home will soon be sold. I've taken a break from keeping it immaculate and now I'm paying for it! We decluttered the 3 bedroom downstairs yesterday afternoon (I'll say it again.... It amazes me how much paper trash and clutter can build up in a couple of weeks)! I had hoped to do the upstairs rooms today, but I got side tracked with making some meals. We are the proud owners of a Shepherd's pie and 2 Lasagnas in the deep freeze! Now I'm here, instead of the Craft Room.

MY (our ) craft room started out as a small 10 x 11 den with a closet that held a Tv and Dvd. Then we had a beautiful little surprise come along and it became a nursery. Now 3 years later it's our craft room. We originally started out with a craft closet (where the Tv used to be). A sweet friend of mine told me how her husband had taken a hall closet and made it into her area. That sounded great to me! So Superman built a table top / counter and I painted it black and decoupaged it. I used the shelving and over head storage to hold crafts. Worked well, but I needed a bit more space for sewing and found myself at the kitchen table most times.

See how messy it has become! See the ornaments I scored for 49 cents! I think someone will like these this Christmas. See Superman (black frame) with his hair in Spikes! A wild day of fun with his daughters and nieces! Boy,do we need a bit more testosterone!!!

These days it tends to be a catch all for things I'm given, gifts and COP (crafts in progress). Now enter the chickadees. The all like to create, and 3 of the 4 are sewing. So we have 5 chicks in one 10 x 11 room trying to "create". We need help!!!!

Can't you just see the disgust, I mean creativity oozing out of this Chickie?

So we shall clean and organize yet again!

I need storage tips and help for 5 please! If you have any suggestions or ideas from what you have done it would be greatly appreciated. We have a 6 foot table that holds a serger, paper case, and other odds and ends. We also have a big wardrobe that is holding our science and nest videos and Tv. 4 drawer system to hold each girls items, but it doesn't seem to be enough. I also want ideas on paint colors! In case the house doesn't sell. I'm thinking a creamy cream?

Please show some love....let me know your thoughts!

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shekinahhvac said...

Oh the visions of the craft room,, so familiar. Prayers for cleaning it up.

The notebookng, well that sounds alot like what I was planning. I have a website that a friend recommended to me, I haven't read thru it all the way, my Co-Op strongly believes in the notebooking.

Your oldest sounds like my oldest, although I think she has decided what she wants to do, she just has a dramasode about everyday about it.

I panicked a few days ago, because I couldn't find my "Prairie Primer" my 12 yr old wants to read The Little House series and the Primer is perfect for this. Have you heard of it?

Oh, I have to go start breakfast, all my chicks are awake now!!!