Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beach Bag

Okay, I said I wouldn't be here. but here I am! I found a new to me blog that I'm sew excited about!!!!;) Click here for some really cute and usable gift ideas. I've got sew many Christmas
ideas just swimming through my head. In fact!

Here's a simple and Frugal one! (I'll post on Frugal Friday). Anyhoooo. What makes it sew frugal you may be asking??

Well, this is left over quilted fabric from the little chickadees bedroom. The quilts were for full/queen size beds. So I cut (you don't know how hard that was to do to a brand new to me quilts) and hemmed the side facing the wall leaving the pretty scallop to dangle over the bed skirt (i guess i should post some pics of that project- but i still have a couple of things to finish up).

Then I used a heavy duty grosgrain ribbon for color and durability. Some simple straight stitching ( don't look at my imperfections) and I have a wonderful pool/swim team/ beach bag for all those big,bulky towels!

I'm so excited about this - just because the fabric makes me happy!

Check out Life As Mom for more Frugal Friday tips!

A girlfriend of mine just sent me an email on how to make a bar-b-que out of a shopping cart.....SCARY!!!



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Anonymous said...

That's funny how you kept using "sew" so much.