Friday, April 24, 2009


Oh Happy Day! Yes it's Frugal Friday........but even better than that today Superman and I celebrate 16 wonderfully fun, crazy, happy, at times rough, creative years of Marriage! I said to him last night that it seems like it should be a big one, like 20 or something.We plan on spending a great unplanned weekend together. We may even get to sleep in!!!

Back to Frugality! Did you know that Home Depot is selling Ferry Morse seed packets for 1/2 price this week. Out gardening season is just about over down here, but I picked up all my seeds for fall. I hope to try again and start from seed in the house during mid summer. I had a disappointing time of it last year and ended up having to buy a bunch of grower veg packs;(

You have you choice of organic, regular and even seed tapes. I'm trying the carrot tapes and such. I just hate thinning out all the those beautiful little plants!

Here's what I'm using to keep my seeds stored in. I'll place this in the fridge. I used to keep just zipper bags but, we had some seeds that somehow still got wet. I had this around and thought it would work for now. I keep small zipper bags of seeds inside.

Before you think I'm organized.... the thought came to me that I should be dating my baggies!

So that's my small, but frugal tip. Have a great weekend and get outside! Don't forget to head over to Life As Mom for more great tips!

Hey does anyone know how to make onions bulb that are supposed too??? Please share any info!


PS. I love you Superman. I'm so thankful the Lord had you pick out just for me!

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Tami said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a great dinner :) nice seeing you...