Monday, April 6, 2009

Cake Pops!

Have you seen these? If not head over to ! She makes the best and I think it's her idea! Such creativity. Seriously.

These bunnies and chicks were a bit more difficult than I thought. Then throw in perfectionism rearing its ugly head, which made for a not so fun project... Just keeping it "real" folks...

Here's the problem we (I) encountered.
1) ME!
2) The chocolate would crack after it dried. Leaving you with a bunny or chick with a cracked back or face!

3) They also did a bit of sweating. It's been very humid here, so I don't know if they are a good Florida food craft???

Here's what my girls said (and yes they forgave me for my attitude), "OOOOh, there so cute!" "I could eat them all, who cares about cracks!"

I plan on trying these again with the chickadees after I get some more tips.

Any suggestions for cracking chocolate? Bakerella, do you make house calls?

I'd love to hear from you all!


Krystal said...

Hi! I found you through Bakerella and I wanted to say how cute your little chicks look! I made them too, and I think I might know why they cracked. I noticed that as soon as I took them out of the freezer, some of them would start sweating and crack (before and after the melted chocolate). Maybe that's one of the reasons why? :)

Naomi Knight said...

Hey! Found you from Bakerella.

I'm up in Canada and a couple of mine sweated too, though it's cool spring weather here. I'm not sure why that happened :/

But! I wonder if the cracking was due to the cake not holding together well. If that's the case, I would put the cake through a food processor to get a fine and even crumb, and maybe use a little more (or less) icing to get the right consistency.

I still think they turned out uber-cute, though! And I'll bet they're all gone by now :)

Tammigirl said...

I'm sorry they cracked. I didnt' have that kind of trouble. Was your chocolate really hot and your cake REALLY cold when you dipped? The cake would probably expand as it came to room temperature. Did you put them in the freezer before dipping or the fridge? Mine went int he fridge. (Mostly because - have you SEEN my freezer?)

Try these, they might be easier. They were very simple for me:

Tammigirl said...

Oh, and if the pops were super cold and the chocolate was hot, that would cause sweat, too. I'd imagine.