Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Playing Tag

Cross 1 more thing off the list of things that "I never do". Amanda over at Encouragement Along the Way has tagged me. So I'll give it a try, don't blame me if you find it boring........

8Things I Look Forward To:

1. Our 16th Wedding Anniversary
2. A Very Frugal Romantic Weekend
3. Sewing with my girls
4. A summer break
5. Fitting into my old clothes
6. Having grand babies!
7. Relaxing with my Man
8. Giggling with my Girls

8Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Made 6 gallons of laundry soap
2. Weeded and planted some flower beds
3. Florida Notebooks
4. 1/2 of the laundry
5. Edit photos
6. Stuck to food plan
7. Cleaned out the yucky, gunky rain barrel
8. Had a coffee shake!

8Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Lose all the weight I need to in 6 months (overnight would freak me out!)
2. Move to the country, near mountains
3. Dance all night long with Superman
4. Save and give more
5. Start a family business
6. Have our house be debt free
7. Spend unlimited time in My Father's Word. Some days I just want to snuggle in and read, and read...
8. Travel with Superman with and without the Chickadees (although they would have to invent some other way of getting me there - airplanes freak me out)

8Shows I Watch

1. Lost ( because I love my Man)
2. Leave it to Beaver
3. Occasional oldies
4. British Sitcoms
5. Netflix- We don't have cable.
6. A&E's Pride and Prejudice
7. Anything else Jane
8. I listen to talk radio and books on tape with the Chickadees

I now Tag!
1. Baby Gator News
2. The Gilbert Gang!
3. Holly's Blog
4. Fun Chaos Times 4
5. Superman
6. Alex
7. Anyone Else Who Would Like To Jump In!!!!

Have a Great Day! Off to explore our local Community.



Anonymous said...

What does this "tag" thing mean? I think I should know if you are going to tag me. GRANDBABIES????????? You have a four year old. Can you get through that first?

Sweet Blessings said...

You had a very productive day yesterday! Flying w/ Superman would be pretty cool:) Blessings! Amanda:)

The Ties that Bind Us said...

I agree it was nice to finally meet you last night! Yes, my husband leads us through the Family Worship Book and I'm in charge of the music and a few other little things, like having something for the little ones to do quietly while listening. It's a wonderful time together as a family.
ps. I'd love to meet you here to: