Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Taking a Break

Just stopped by to let you know I'm taking a bit of a break... Some days just getting done what really needs my attention is all I can do. Anyone else like me?

We've been busy working in our little garden, setting up a new pantry, getting ready for a garage sale, putting another school year to bed and trying out a new spelling curriculum. Besides other things!

So hopefully I'll have a bit more zip in my step and be back later this week!



Funchaosx4 said...

It seems like lately have had weeks like your days. The only things getting done are what absolutely needs my attention...not much time for fun lately. Hopeing to regroup and reschedule this summer. Miss ya!

Tina said...

Yes, that happens to me often. I tend to have about 2 weeks out every 6 weeks or so when it is clear that I need to be home finishing up the last pieces of several projects, or school,or housework...thanks for stoppin' by though. you're sweet :) May the wind be at your heels this week.