Friday, April 3, 2009

Not Organic!

Remember when I said, " Nobody always does it this or that way?" Well I wasn't kidding! This are NO were near are normal diet of delicious organic and raw foods! But the sure are Yummy and Cute! Chocolate Covered Peeps

Waaaay to easy to make and very frugal if: you by them on sale or with your ECBs. I wouldn't suggest stocking up for next year( although I doubt they'll go bad- hee hee hee). You can stock up on the dipping chocolate! I did and a little secret "always" put some really good chocolate chips into the dipping chocolate for extra flavor!

Basically warm up the chocolate, dip peeps and dry! These are going to field day with us today! I think 1 per child is enough and Moms won't be freaking out:)
I do plan on putting them on a nicer platter, but truthfully I don't think the children will mind?
Also they are super fast to make, 15 minutes for 30!
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Also check out this really neat NO KNEAD french boule recipe. It keeps for up to 2 weeks in your fridge pulling out what you need, when you knead (hee hee) it!


Mom said...

Hi Honey,
I had a great time with the new chick yesterday, and the trip to the farm! Love, Mom xo

Alex said...

Julie, I can picture Ruth and Abby wearing those Chocolate Covered Peeps. Not Organic? Hey you can't go organic all the time and besides you have to live a little!

Below is Addison's response...

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