Friday, April 17, 2009

The Dump

Frugal Friday
We've been involved in a couple of unit studies this year where we have had many fun, free and interesting field trips. This one pictured below was to our County Dump. I'll admit my favorite part was riding around on the air conditioned bus, but truthfully I learned so much.

Did you know that many counties/cities recycle paint? While we were at the dump I was able to pick up two 2/3 gallons (of very expensive & fresh) blue paint. (My younger chickadees have been wanting their room redone in blue) So this was perfect timing. All the other moms were either cheering me on , or just thinking I'd lost my mind!

I did have to add white (which I had on hand ) to bring down the color a bit ( now, I know why someone got rid of it). It was one of those colors that gets much darker as it dries. But it still turned out great. We also received bunkbeds that we modified a bit and painted white. Country Blue and White, I'll post more on the makeover when I'm truly finished with it.

You can also find free landscaping mulch there. Lay as much as you need, then put a layer of the pretty stuff from the store on top.
They also have all the free firewood you can haul.

I never thought I would say check your local dump for Frugal Finds! Check out for more Frugal Friday tips!

By Request:
Strawberry Syrup Recipe:
- 1 flat of fresh, ripe strawberries
- lemon juice

- 8 to 10 cups sucanat w/honey, sugar in the raw or granulated white sugar (this is really to taste- so you may add more or less)

1. Double wash fruit, hull tops and slice off any blemishes.

2. Quarter berries

3. Add all ingredients to a large pot (use about 1/4 cup real lemon juice w/no additives)

4.Cook down on a medium heat, stirring regularly for about 1/2 an hour.

5.I usually put it the fridge over night because it's to late after picking all day to start canning. Now that it's cold out of the fridge, blend all the sauce and pour through a strainer, jelly bag, or any thing mesh. This takes out all the little seeds.
6. Heat back up to boiling hot, check for sweetness, add sugar if needed.

7. Follow canning instructions as usual.

This makes 1 1/2 gallons of syrup! Enjoy on pancakes, waffles, ice cream or shakes (Superman's favorite).

Attention! Has anyone used and like Pomona Pectin??? I really need some feed back! Please comment.



Bev said...

That is an awesome find and the color is beautiful! Love the stawberries and will have to make the syrup. I am going to make some strawberry freezer jam this year! I can eat that stuff all by myself!

Tam said...

Great find in the paint!

Thanks so much for the recipe, can't wait to make some. One question, how much lemon juice do you use and when. Thanks again for answering my request so quick.

Valerie said...

I had no idea you could find things like that at the dump.... cool!